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Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight!

Your relationship is perfect. You never go to bed angry. Yeah, right. Every couple fights sometimes. Some even go to counseling because they fight too much. But if you and your partner never fight, you might want to get thee to a therapist ASAP, before you break up over dishes in the sink.

Oh, and also...you’ll live longer.

A recently published study in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine shows that squabbling—constructively, of course—is good for you. Spouses who keep their anger bottled up don’t live as long as those who duke it out on a regular basis. In particular, the study found that women who didn’t speak up were four times more likely to die early than those who did. Kind of gives new meaning to the idea of something “eating away at you.”

Experts agree that if you’re too steamed to talk about an issue right away, letting your partner know that you’re angry is a good start. You can always talk later.

So, think about it now—is there something really bothering you? Think about the most constructive way for the two of you to address it, and get the help you need if you require it. And remember, if you do have a fight, the best part is definitely the making up afterward!

Posted: 7/21/08
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