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Free Juice Refills.

Free Juice Refills.

Without a doubt, there’s a power-seeking beast that roams the earth gobbling up batteries. Buy as many as you want—the super, mega, ultimate-saver discount warehouse pack—they still vanish from the battery drawer—ha-poof—in a matter of days.

These babies aren’t cheap, either—50 cents each for AAs, and that’s if you buy in bulk, on sale. Don’t even bother with no-name or store brands. You’ll be lucky to get through one song on your music player.

You might want to think about rechargeable batteries. You’ll pay more up front, but wait ‘till you see how satisfying it is to pop them in the charger and reuse them. Plus, you aren’t dumping battery after battery into a landfill somewhere.

NiMH rechargeable batteries can store more energy than the NiCd variety. Plus, they’re more environmentally friendly. For a comparison, go to Maxellcanada.com.

Posted: 6/19/08
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