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Listen Up!

You remember Charlie Brown’s teacher and all the advice she gave to the Peanuts gang. What’s that? All you remember is, “wah-wah, wah wah-wah?” Well, that’s what everyone else hears when you keep blabbering.

Focus your efforts on listening to others for a change. It isn’t easy, especially if you usually do the talking, but think of the benefits. Active listening makes you more receptive to other people’s feelings and ideas and also gives you more time to think about your responses—as opposed to blurting things out impulsively. Plus, you’ll increase the staying power of your relationships. When people feel understood, they’re more willing to work things out.

When you’re listening, don’t just keep yourself from talking. Stop thinking, too, so you can hear what the person is saying. Figuring out what you or the other person is going to say next takes your focus away from listening. And, don’t think the talker doesn’t notice.

Think more ears, less mouth.

Posted: 3/24/08
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