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Drink Green Tea Instead of Coffee

Green tea is better for you than coffee…yada, yada, yada…it lowers cholesterol, reduces infections, improves immune system, prevents tooth decay, and so on.

Well good for green tea. Can you picture all those hard-core coffee drinkers—people who literally get out of bed in the morning just for that first cup of coffee—actually switching to tea? Not gonna happen.

We, the coffee drinkers of the world, know that Japanese researchers have linked green tea to a lower risk of dying from certain illnesses. We also know that, according to a Purdue University study, green tea is full of catechin polyphenols (hey, say that three times fast—oh, that’s right, you can’t, you’re drinking tea now). It’s also a powerful antioxidant and inhibits the growth of (and kills) cancer cells.

Okay, so it’s a convincing argument. Maybe we could try a cup of green tea. But we’re not giving up coffee, right, guys?

Hey guys?

Posted: 3/5/08
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How about Pomegranate juice? I just read today that it has a higher level of antioxidants than white or green teas. Some tests are showing that it could be useful in fighting certain forms of cancer like breast and skin cancer. It has shown to be a blood thinner, which means it could be good for promoting blood flow to the heart. Tests show it reduces plaque in the arteries, and raises the good levels of cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol. There are many more tests they are doing, but it seems it may just be a good healthy drink.

  • By Debbie
  • on 3/7/08 10:54 PM EST

How about...BOTH? Because that's the only way I can see adding green tea to my grocery list. :-) We are positively religious about coffee in my house.

I actually like the taste of green tea, truth be told. I've found that if I consume it in pill form (or the green tea chewing gum), it upsets my stomach.


Right! I would rather drink my coffee and take a green tea pill supplement!