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"I have so enjoyed your book! It is easy to digest and very down to earth and so relative to us all. And the 30 day change emails are so helpful and upbeat." -Stephanie
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Get lost. Am-scray. Vamoose.

You’re always there for people—friends, co-workers, your spouse and your kids. You tend to put your own needs off when someone else needs you. You’re a pretty decent human being, as far as you’re concerned. The problem is, being nice can mean not finishing work on time. Why is it, when it’s crunch time, everyone and their grandmother needs you?

When you have to get things done, just say no. Close your email program, shut the phone ringer off, close your door and let anyone around you know that you are not available, unless there’s a dire emergency. Without interruptions, you’ll be able to concentrate on the task at hand and finish it that much sooner. Not only that, but you’ll feel good about standing up for yourself and getting your own needs met for a change.

You might even start making up assignments…

Posted: 2/23/08
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