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Dear Me, I'm the best.

If you’ve ever gotten a love letter, you know how special it makes you feel. Now, you can recreate this same wonderful feeling every single day, as many times as you want.

Grab a stack of Post-its or other small stickers—if you don’t mind them being permanent—and write some kind words. Then, scatter them in not-so-noticeable places, like inside your glove compartment attached to your registration—It’s okay that you got pulled over again. Or at the bottom of the vegetable drawer—Way to eat vegetables. Now close your eyes, say the magic words and poof—forget all about them.

Later, when you least expect it, seeing a positive message—I can’t believe how awesome I am—will brighten your day and remind you to pause and appreciate life. Speaking of reminders, these notes make great ones—Dear Me, Write myself some notes.

Try them out on the people you love. Leave messages where they’ll least expect them—Am I Showering? Don’t flush. Then, watch for the smiles on their faces.

Posted: 2/21/08
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