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Make your bed.

Ever walk into someone else’s room to find an unmade bed? There’s something so—well, un-conscientious about it. You would never leave your bed unmade. Or arrive anywhere late. Or procrastinate on an important project. Or go anywhere without your list of long- and short-term goals. You may appear inhuman to the rest of the world, but by golly, you’re going to be as conscientious as humanly possible. Why? So you don’t get Alzheimer’s disease.

A study conducted at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago reported that conscientious people may be less likely to develop Alzheimer’s. Conscientiousness doesn’t change how much Alzheimer’s pathology you have in your brain, but it appears to affect how well you tolerate it and maintain your cognitive abilities. In other words, conscientious people don’t tend to display or notice symptoms as soon as others.

So make your bed. Being attentive to this and other necessary tasks will help your brain stay active maybe even more tolerant down the road. As an added bonus, it’ll make the room look cleaner and more inviting.

Posted: 2/19/08
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