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Question:Anyone get a good deal lately?

Everyone's talking about how this is a car buyer's market, but I'm wondering if anyone's actually gotten a good deal on a car recently?

Asked by LMAYO9 on 5/1/08 6 Answers»


I work for a Chevy dealer, and I can tell you that there are lots of good deals out there now. GM offers rebates most of the time, financing rates are low, or we have many gas efficient used cars for sale. It's hard to get people to believe this, but when you buy a foreign car, part of that $ goes back to that country. When you buy American vehicles, the $ stays here, and helps keep American jobs here. We're as concerned about the gas crisis as everyone-we want to keep the auto industry going as well.

Answered by: Anonymous on 8/11/08


best deal came, and went, it was the geo metro gas mileage 40+ per gallon why don't they make them with that kind of gas mileage anymore? I think because this gas crisis is NOT a gas crisis at all, just manipulation of the public for financial gain.... watch it drop again and some other commodity will come to the fore and get focused on and explode in price

Answered by: klijah on 8/9/08


I haven't purchased recently; but two friends of mine bought Priusis {sp} and said there's no

Answered by: hercules on 6/25/08


With fuel pricing so high many dealers are offering gas cards and other gas promotions to get buyers into the show rooms. Just check out your local dealers and you should find a couple of solid options.

Another option, if you do the right research is to buy one of those gas sucking full-size SUVs.

There are a couple of reasons for this;

1. You can get a huge refund on your annual taxes (write off)
2. Some dealers will give you a gas card for "X" amount of miles.
3. This is the absolute best time to buy an SUV saving you thousands over previous years.

Add it all up and you can save in the neighborhood of 10 to 15k on your favorite SUV and if you decide that you want a new car in the next 3 to 5 years you are probably going to see a wash when compared to other cars that are in the same price range as your SUV.

Answered by: TrueTraining1 on 6/25/08


We just bought the Hybrid Camry. The benefits of having a hybrid are fantastic and the costs are low. Plus with gas prices these days...you're totally saving!

Answered by: jonwailer on 6/24/08


I just heard that one car maker is offering financing at 0% interest for 6 years. If you are not getting a smart deal on the actual car, you are with regards to interest. I am also amazed at the gas card deals being offered-- in some cases a locked in price per gallon for 2 years.

Answered by: IAMASH on 6/24/08
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