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Don't name your kid after an evil historic figure.


A New Jersey couple named their son Adolf Hitler Campbell and were upset when the grocery store wouldn't write "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler" on a birthday cake. Maybe they thought they were being clever, but that poor kid's going to have a heck of a time trying to get dates.

Shared by NicoO2000 on 12/17/08

I don't mind unusual names, probably because mine was so ordinary. However, naming a child Adolf Hitler is not cool. There are just certain lines you don't cross and that's one of them. What in the world could those parents have been thinking? And how come someone at the hospital didn't say something about it when it was written out?


This is horrible. I hate when the child is saddled with one of these "unique names," yet the parents are usually named something completely generic, like Ashlee and Pete naming their son Bronx. They might think it's so hip and clever, but it's the child that has to walk around with the name for the rest of his life. Although Adolf Hitler makes Bronx sound normal.


What?!? That's crazy!

  • By aliciak
  • on 12/26/08 11:24 AM EST

You have to wonder what people are thinking when they do something like that. Do they want to invite ridicule. But, even worse is the fate they've forced upon their son -- to be named after one of the most hated (i can't even say people) in modern times.


I'm so glad you posted this story. These parents are sick naming children Adolf Hitler (and one other daughter has the middle name Aryan Nation). If you're an adult and you want that name, go for it. But don't do that to a child!

  • By LMAYO9
  • on 12/18/08 9:53 AM EST