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Question:i have a hard time getting my baby to calm down but my wife seems to do it with ease..

how can I make this easier for me to do?

Asked by su1c1de_king on 10/13/08 4 Answers»


Exactly what LMAYO9 says about not taking it personally! I've always had "a way" with babies, and can sometimes calm them down/comfort them better than the moms...that's sticky territory...don't want to step on moms' toes!

Answered by: aliciak on 10/21/08


I second the Dr. Karp suggestion. HE IS AMAZING. He believes that all babies have an on/off switch for crying, and it's just a matter of finding the right motion and the right amount of white noise/sound to soothe them. How old is the baby? Also, if you play around with your baby a bit more and spend more time with him/her, your baby will get used to you and accept your efforts at soothing him.

Remember not to take it personally!

Answered by: LMAYO9 on 10/14/08


If your wife is the primary caregiver, it probably seems easier because she does it more often! Keep trying—you will be able to soothe your baby once you know what works! Try asking your wife for suggestions/help.

Remember too to stay calm, slow your breathing. Babies can feel tension...so if you're frustrated/tense because you can't calm the baby, baby will sense it.

Answered by: Kiki76 on 10/14/08


I suppose practice will help : ) You might not be entirely comfortable and the baby could be sensing that. Have you had of Dr. Harvey Karp and his five S's method? Ariane interviewed him, although we don't have it on the site right now, so you could check out his web site

His ability to calm crying babies is amazing!

Answered by: VictoriaB on 10/13/08
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