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Diana L. Guerrero

Diana L. Guerrero

Animal behaviorist and author of Blessing of the Animals...

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Dr. Robyn Jaynes

Dr. Robyn Jaynes

Pet care expert for PetSmart

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Warren Eckstein

Warren Eckstein

Pet trainer and author of Pet Aerobics

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Funny pet stats


I was reading Glamour magazine this week and found some funny stats about how obsessed people are with their dogs. Apparently 74% of women polled trust their pet's judgment of people, $15 million is spent on behavior-modificaiton drugs (doggie prozac) and 14% of people have called in sick to work to spend more time with a pet.

Shared by Cwolf112 on 10/22/08

Our dog bit my husband this year. Basically he doesn't like people in his space. We've learned to deal with it in different ways but it scares me when he's around people he does not know. So, when I had a party I asked my vet to give me a sedative for him to take the edge off. All it seemed to do for him was make it difficult for him to walk for a day or so. I'll never ask my vet for those pills again. Now when company comes over I get him a big ol bone and keep him in his crate.

  • By coleman
  • on 10/23/08 10:25 AM EST

74%!?! I have never owned a pet, and I gotta admit, I am NOT an animal person whatsoever...much prefer children!


My dog is a nut, so I don't really trust his judgment. I have had to take time off to bring him to the vet, though and I don't think that's out of line. He's not capable of getting there on his own.

I don't think I would give my dog behavior modification drugs. I think that's taking the lazy way out. If you watch the Dog Whisperer you will see that with time, patience and effort you can help a dog change his or her bad behavior.