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Question:Best way to find a babysitter?

I work from home, but I want to find someone to look after my baby for a few hours here and there - when I have a meeting outside the house or if my husband and I want to go out for dinner. We're new to the area, though - any tips on finding a reliable babysitter?

Asked by lindad14 on 10/8/08 6 Answers»


Leaning on local schools sounds like a great idea. My sister teaches four and five year olds (I know she's a saint, right?), and she is constantly getting requests from parents to babysit. Many of those parents also refer her to other parents with kids.

I would also consult your neighbors who have small kids, and ask them for a few reliable suggestions.

Lastly, ask for references from a babysitter ... you can never be too sure!

Answered by: carolineshannon on 10/29/08


Do you know anyone who is a high school teacher? I found one of the best babysitters I've ever had for my daughter this way.

Answered by: coleman on 10/19/08


I've gotten babysitting jobs on craigslist before...but with anything, interview AND check references. You can write an ad for exactly what you want in a babysitter.

Answered by: aliciak on 10/14/08


I would add to ask your pediatrician, if you have one in town. Friends and family are always best. Are there any relatives in the area? Perhaps asking co-workers who have young children as well if they would share their contacts.

Answered by: VictoriaB on 10/9/08


If you have neighbors with kids, perhaps you want to ask for a referral. You also might want to try your local college/university, especially the education department.

Answered by: kristen on 10/9/08


There's a few ways you can find someone reliable. Try asking local daycare centers for recommendations, or even local places of worship (churches, synagogues). Those are people who are plugged into the community, and it's much more reliable and easier than putting up an ad someplace. Just make sure you get references and call on those references!

Answered by: LMAYO9 on 10/9/08
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