"It's good to be reminded that we have these tools within ourselves, but it is always good to be re-inspired by people like you. Thank you for your authenticity." -Margie
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Is Your Company Depressed?

Of all the business problems companies have, I think they become more magnified when the chief executive officers lose sight that their organization is made up of people. In my experience...

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Dr. Thomas Ellett

Dr. Thomas Ellett

Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs at New York University...

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Nick Herberger

Nick Herberger

Speaker, life coach and author of The Freshman 40: Everything...

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Dr. Jodi Patrick Holschuh

Dr. Jodi Patrick Holschuh

Co-author of College Rules!: How to Study, Survive and Succeed...

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Back to School (1986)

A wealthy businessman (Rodney Dangerfield) enters school to help his son (Keith Gordon) decide to go to college. In the process, the millionaire becomes popular at the school by throwing parties and associating with the right people, but the question remains: Is this the way to pass college?    
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Drumline (2002)

The story of a drum major (Nick Cannon) from Harlem who was recruited to a historically black Southern university.  
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Glory Daze (1996)

Two days before graduation, a college senior (Ben Affleck) decides he may not be ready for his school days to end, as the past four years have been the time of his life.
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Higher Learning (1995)

Director John Singleton's classic film about the lives of a diverse set of college freshman become intertwined as they learn about survival, relationships and differences.  
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National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

Animal House is the classic college movie of Greek life, parties, hook-ups and fun!  
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Old School (2003)

Three 30-something men (Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn) decide to recapture their youth by forming a fraternity and moving into a house on campus.  
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Road Trip (2000)

College students hit the road to stop an explicit tape from reaching a girlfriend.
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