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Polly LaBerre

Polly LaBerre

CNN business correspondent and co-author of Mavericks at Work...

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Chester Elton

Chester Elton

Co-author of The Carrot Principle and The 24-Carrot Manager

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Cathie Black

Cathie Black

President of Hearst Magazines

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Answer:You know i am in ur shoes now....i live in NC also...my parents live in Southern Cali also...i moved out her in 2003 after i lost my job durning the...
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Answer:Congrats on your move to SF. I've lived there on 2 separate occasions. One of the best ways to find a place is on craigslist.com. Their SF section is...
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Answer:One practice I've used it to carry a notebook. Writing down every committment, idea, to-do item, etc. Before leaving I review for action items, which...
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Answer:bildung my own business in internation consulting
Answered by jaibaji More»
Answer:Good advice, Kiki. Especially the listening to others part. If you listen to your coworkers, then chances are you'll find something that you have in...
Answered by _dumspirospero_ More»
Answer:I fell asleep at my desk the second or third day. I was tired, it was really warm in the building and there was nothing for me to do. I'm not sure...
Answered by wishuponastar More»
Answer:I've been fortunate to have a few, but not at the same time and not always are these people my direct supervisor. I definitely find getting new perspectives...
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