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Is Your Company Depressed?

Of all the business problems companies have, I think they become more magnified when the chief executive officers lose sight that their organization is made up of people. In my experience...

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Maintain Your Work Image

Image can be everything, even in the workplace. Make sure you put your best face forward to gain respect. Yahoo Finance expert  Penelope Trunk says it might seem superficial but often employers may notice a sloppy suit before they will commend you on work well done. So beware!

Posted: 2/8/08

If you feel better wearing more dressed up clothes then try a pair of casual pants rather than dress pants or skirt. This will allow to to be comfortable without being too laid back or too to your "higher level"


What happens when your office attire is officially "totally laid back"? I'm in a new job where people wear track pants, baseball hats, shorts -- just about anything goes. It's strange for me because every other office I've worked in has been office casual (no sneaks, no tshirts, no flipflops, etc.) and I've always dressed to that level or a little higher. Now when I wear a skirt, I feel like a freak.

  • By Anonymous
  • on 3/1/08 10:42 PM EST