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Is Your Company Depressed?

Of all the business problems companies have, I think they become more magnified when the chief executive officers lose sight that their organization is made up of people. In my experience...

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Is Flying Footwear Injury Covered?

Is Flying Footwear Injury Covered?

George Bush has got some world class ducking skills. When an Iraqi journalist took out his frustrations by hurling a couple of loafers at the President's head, he out-maneuvered them like a third grade dodgeball champion. His press secretary, Dana Perino, was not so deft. She was left with a black eye after some microphone shrapnel caught her unaware.

Lucky for Perino, she has some of the best health insurance on the planet and doesn't have to worry about whether or not a check-up will be covered.

For the rest of us who may be starting a new job, your new company's insurance policy might not be so clear. When I was working stocking shelves at a grocery store, one of the favorite break room topics for conversation was gnarly injuries people had endured and whether or not they had occurred after the insurance kicked in. Many of my co-workers spent their off hours climbing mountains or surfing, so for them the full coverage made the paltry paychecks worth the money.

I remember hearing one story about a guy who quit and then sliced his thumb with a box cutter on his way out the door. Since it was a bit of urban legend I never did find out if he had to pay for the stitches himself.

The bottom line is that it's always a good idea to bone up on the specifics your new company's health insurance policy before you get settled. You'll probably already feel like you're inundated with forms and procedural documents, but you never know when a shoe–or two–will come flying your way. -Joy Hepp

Posted: 12/15/08

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Yeah, that video of the journalist throwing his shoes at President Bush is pretty crazy! All I could think of is "Austin Powers" when he says, "Who throws a shoe? I mean, really?"