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Stop letting the market tell you how to feel!


The best bit of 'advice' I read on the train this morning was in a NY Mag column...the author posed the idea that we're not actually upset because the market is down, we're upset because we keep checking on the market every minute of the day!

It's a wise thought—keep your view on the ultimate end goal and don't over-focus on the moment-to-moment or day-to-day fluctuations. The market always rebounds. Yes, we might be in a slump for awhile, but you can't let it affect your mood, and the way you go through life. Choose to continue living (even if it is on a smaller budget!) You can still have so much that's good in your life.

Shared by kristen on 12/2/08

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Great tip Kristen! You are so right. We just make ourselves crazy through obsessive worrying. We need to be wise in these times, but focus on the positive and what we are able to control. This is timely advice for me right now - so I will put on my blinders and focus on the end goal

  • By eherzer
  • on 12/2/08 5:43 PM EST

I agree that is why I watch the new briefly just keep up with current event and weather. The news rated base upon bad news. There hardly any good news.