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Bankruptcy: The Power of the Clean Slate

It doesn’t take many clicks online to find writing and advice on how to shape up your finances, even First30Days has a great financial advice section found here. There are...

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Dave Ramsey

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Scott Bilker

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Liz Pulliam Weston

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How We'll Use Our Tax Rebate

Although the original purpose of the government planned tax rebates was to stimulate the economy, experts are saying that people will most likely use the check to pay off some debt.

Reducing debt tops the list of goals for 2008 according to a recent FranklinCovey survey. Read more at sbWire.com.

How are you planning on using your tax rebate check?

Posted: 2/29/08

The experts have it right as far as I'm concerned -- my rebate will be going toward my credit cards!

  • By Anonymous
  • on 3/1/08 10:20 PM EST