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For many young people, drug use and experimentation is a rite of passage of sorts. However, experimenting with drugs and alcohol is far from harmless, and can often result in lifelong...

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Change Nation: Jack Canfield (5/23/08)

Jack Canfield on Pursuing Your Dreams

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It's no accident that successful people seem to have it easy. The truth is, there's hard work that needs to be done first! Jack Canfield, co-creator with Mark Victor Hansen of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series says that pursuing your dreams is a matter of reconnecting with the things that make you passionate, and persevering in the pursuit of those things no matter what. On this episode of Change Nation, Canfield talks about his new Dream Big collection and why vision is the key element for success.

For more information on Jack Canfield, visit www.jackcanfield.com.


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Great interview Ariane x


I absolutely respect and admire Jack Canfield. I became familiar with his message via the book "The Secret". He has an inspiring story one that I aspire to become my own. His knowledge of the law of attraction, his belief in something higher than himself, his focus on making a difference and possessing a gratitude attitude is the qualities he personifies that I seek to develop and present to the world.
I am a new student to "the Law" and find myself in that category of people who know something out there is bigger than what I have. Yet, I have not found the right consistent energy to tap into my alternate universe. I love the interview as Jack does not hold back and does what he was placed here to do which is teach. Every question Arianne presented to him he was prepared with a lesson for the listener. The lessons are clear and very straight forward. He presents precise methods of changing your focus and aspirations. He is phenomenal!
I have a list of dream catchers; a list compiled of family, friends and motivational entities whom I look to for strength, support, structure, balance, foresight and spiritual guidance. Among Jack’s name I list Lisa Nicoles (another individual with whom I intend on meeting). To hear him discuss her in this interview several times and to speak so highly of her reassures me I am on the right path and through “the law” I am attracting the right motivators to keep me focused on living what I love and doing so with passion.
Thank you for this interview, it was so beneficial. I find I often become stipend by my own wondering mind. I like the way he explains how the first thirty days of any change are the most important and further explains how one must be consistent during that time for the change to truly take affect.
Finally I want to thank Arianne for her hard work on creating such an inspirational site. I love the ease of use and how comments and questions can be submitted with a couple clicks. Seeing two individuals living their purpose in these days and times and yet so willing to share their gift is amazing. Once again thank you and God Bless.



  • By farhana
  • on 5/30/08 11:19 PM EST
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