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Young Adults and Addiction: The Benefits of Inpatient Care

For many young people, drug use and experimentation is a rite of passage of sorts. However, experimenting with drugs and alcohol is far from harmless, and can often result in lifelong...

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Keep Your Dreams Alive!

Keep Your Dreams Alive!

We see it all the time: folks getting up there in age pursuing lifelong dreams, some wackier than others. Whether it’s Billy Crystal playing baseball in the Major Leagues or that neighbor of yours who surprised everyone by quitting a job to climb Mt. Everest. Being a dreamer keeps you alive in the mind and body, but be sure to go after some of the dreams, rather than letting them remain in your head exclusively.

Jack Moelmann is a 67-year-old retired Air Force colonel with a dream to perform at Radio City Music Hall, specifically on the famous Wurlitzer organ. Looking into the mirror one day, he said, “Jack, you have a dream, go for it.” And so he has, spending a whopping $120,000 to perform August 9th. Tickets will be sold to the event, and if all goes well, they will pay for the costly dream and then some.

Although it sounds like an ambitious idea, and an expensive one at that, there is nothing wrong with fulfilling any kind of lifelong dream.

Tell us about your far-fetched dreams. Do you have a plan to make them come true? Have you pursued any already? [Finding Dulcinea]

Posted: 8/5/08

I'm a 50 year old young woman living in Steamboat Springs, CO. My dream is to someday teach woman how to flyfish, be a flyfishing guide, be able to make a living at it and show these men how it's done! I have alot to learn but I know I can do it, just need somebody to take me under their wing and teach me more. If I could afford it, I'd take a guiding course, there are many out there. We'll see..................


My dream is to publish my second book. I did publish one in Argentina in 2007 but my editor ran away with the money! So my dream now is finding a great agent who can also help woth my ultimate dream, which is being a motivational speaker. As a survivor of a personal crisis (my child was born with Downs syndrome and my husband left us AND my mom was diagnosed with cancer and Alzheimer, all in 20 days...) I have a lot to say to touch people's hearts!


1. Record an album with my band Y.F.P. 2. Release a manga series( I've been drawing since 8yrs.old and I've been working on series for the past three years. 3). Work in animation & voice acting, I'm currently trying to pursue this one starting college next semester.


My ultimate, ultimate dream would be to put out a house/dance album (crazy I know!). I would love to be the next Cascada! But, that's a far-fetched dream that I don't exactly plan on pursuing. I'm living a dream/goal right now' working as an intern at a fabulous publication :]. HEHE!