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A Treasure Hunt with a Twist

A Treasure Hunt with a Twist

When Stefano Poggi was preparing his marriage proposal for his girlfriend Joselyn de Leon, he knew it had to be something original and special. So he drew upon their mutual love of childhood games to inspire his proposal: a three-day scavenger hunt.

On the first two days of the hunt, Poggi had de Leon search around their apartment complex for Kinder eggs with toys inside. The third day was when Stefano brought the big guns out and started the real treasure hunt. He asked her to meet him for lunch. At the last minute, Stefano canceled but left her another Kinder egg with a clue inside. The clue instructed her to go to the closet where she found a bag packed with a dress, high heels, three Scrabble letters (W, J, M), $1.62 and an address.

After changing, de Leon went to the address which turned out to be an alternate address to one of her favorite spots near La Jolla Shores. She stopped at a vendor and bought a hot dog for $1.62. For hours, de Leon went from location to location gathering more scrabble letters. She went from her local library where a clue was in one of her favorite books, The Giving Tree, to the spot where Poggi told her he wanted to start dating her. Her last hint was (get ready to melt):

“For your final clue, please proceed to a place that is not often seen, but from which much can be seen. I always wonder why you ask to come here, since my favorite view is always you.”

De Leon knew immediately that the location was Mt. Soledad, one of her favorite spots. The sun was setting when she arrived to a picnic Poggi had arranged. He apologized for canceling their lunch and asked if she wanted to play a game of Scrabble. He took her Scrabble letters and arranged them so they said, “Joselyn Will You Marry Me,” and presented her with two-dozen roses and a  ring.

Now how is that for a romantic and original proposal? If you want to give your guy some ideas, this is definitely one to pass along! What are some of the more original proposals you’ve heard (or received!)? [La Jolla Light]

Posted: 10/10/08

Wow, that is involved! Very cute. I did a scavenger hunt just for fun for a boyfriend...end result was concert tickets for a band we really liked.

  • By aliciak
  • on 10/16/08 11:01 AM EST

I've had two guy friends pull off the scavenger hunt proposal, but they didn't go this big...kudos! What a great story.

  • By kristen
  • on 10/10/08 11:48 PM EST

This is a proposal to top all ... how dreamy! (Hey, Poggi -- got an older brother?)