Jamie Tworkowski

on Health
Satellite Beach, Florida
I'm the founder of a non-profit organization called "To Write Love on Her Arms," which is a movement of young people committed to representing and funding hope and help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.


Exclusive Interview

Profiles of Change: Jamie Tworkowski

Most people get beat down by life and I think most people work in an environment where their heart maybe doesn't get to shine, or they feel disconnected from their dreams. Basically, I get to be an idealist and I get to keep dreaming and fighting for those dreams. Beyond that, I have had the chance to visit some amazing places and to meet some amazing people around the world.

The most challenging part is the criticism–people saying things that are false and people saying things that are pretty ugly. I've had to learn that not everyone is going to get it, not everyone is going to believe or be a fan. To those who say you can't change things with a t-shirt, I would say we hear countless stories of significant, even life-changing, conversations that are sparked by these t-shirts.

What would I say to someone who thinks that love and hope can't change things? I would apologize for the ways that they've been hurt in this life, because pain is the only thing that could keep someone from seeing the value in love and hope. I imagine it would have to happen over time, in relationship, with trust being built. You would have to show someone love and hope in order for it to be understood.

The greatest reward is seeing people experiencing community for the first time, people realizing that they're not alone and getting the help they need... it's surprising the way that people respond to truth. I didn't invent hope or community or the possibility that every person has a story and every story matters, but it’s been pretty amazing to see people get excited about those ideas.

If I've learned anything along the way, it's that I would do it less alone. Early on, I was not healthy and I ended up hurting people that I claimed to love. I didn't know how to let people in, how to slow down and be honest about my own needs and the things I needed to learn. It's one thing to stand on a stage and talk about community, about loving people and being known by people. It's another thing entirely to actually live those things out.

I think I might move to New York City. My friend Jon says that if you want to see the world change, you should live in a place where the world changes. But more than that, it would be my own pursuit of finding "home" and "community".


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I've also been helping people who've suffered from Depression & actually talked a Highschool Friend out of suicide! Her Dad sued her Mom for Divorce because she had a really disgusting Affair!
I was the only person who Shelly liked talking with & understood how she felt. My Parents had seperated for 6 months when I was in the 5th Grade so that's how I was able to Stop Her!
Shelly has been a Mental Therapy Nurse for 15yrs now & I betcha she'll want to join this WebSite to read about you & the others now!
God Bless,

p.s. If you moved to where I live in NJ- Randolph- I'd Invite you over to watch the 4th of July Parade because it goes past our House towards the Main Entrance of CCM!

  • By AJP117
  • on 10/1/09 12:51 AM EST

I really like what you stand for. . . .there are so many who need the kind of love about which you speak and support, be it emotional, spiritual or physical. Right On!!


This is wonderful. It's actually beyond wonderful. I have a son how has struggled with depression, drugs and alcohol his whole adult life. As a mother I've been very committed in trying to help him see what a wonderful human being he is. I will send him this article and I'm sure he will find it very incouraging.

Thank you,

  • By arabrab
  • on 1/27/09 12:08 PM EST


We've connected with roughly 700,000 people between MySpace and Facebook and we use that platform, as well as live events, to talk about things that people tend to not talk about. We speak to depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide, and more than anything, to the hope and help that exist for people dealing with those things. We try to meet people where they are and we try to communicate and create in a way that's unique, honest and bold. We've also given roughly $400,000 to treatment over the last couple years.

About Jamie Tworkowski

I've been around the clothing business and the surf industry (working for Quicksilver and Hurley) and music my whole life. I also grew up with parents who care deeply for other people, so I think all of that got me started down this road.

In 2006 at the age of 26 I met a girl who was struggling with drug addiction, depression and self-injury. She was denied entry into a treatment center and spent the next five days with me and some of my friends. At the end of the five days, she entered treatment and I wrote a story called "To Write Love on Her Arms" and started selling t-shirts as a way to pay for her treatment. I made a MySpace page to give the story a home, and some friends in bands started wearing the shirts. We realized quickly that the story we were telling was one that represented a ton of people, that this was an opportunity to talk about things that people weren't talking about, and that we could also invest in treatment on a bigger scale. Over the last two and half years, we've become a non-profit, responded to roughly 90,000 messages from 40 different countries, and we've had the opportunity to bring a message of hope, help and community to people around the world–everything from rock and roll clubs in England to public schools in Australia to major media (NBC, CNN) in America. Today, we have the largest online audience of any non-profit on MySpace, and one of the most-read blogs as well.