Frederica Williams

on New Directions
Roxbury, MA
Frederica Williams joined Whittier Street Health Center as President and CEO in February of 2002. This has proven to be the perfect opportunity to marry Frederica’s business and management skills for helping those in our society who are less fortunate.


About Frederica Williams

Frederica often says that she considers Whittier Street “home” and therefore spends many of her waking hours at the center. Since this is much more than just a job to her, she spends endless amounts of time working, meeting, strategizing and thinking about how Whittier Street can best serve its patients.

Frederica often says that she was inspired by her parents “not to forget the other person” and through her work at Whittier Street. She is undoubtedly passing those values along to her 165 colleagues and the countless number of people she has met in the community. She clearly has inspired many to join her cause at Whittier Street, evidenced by the fact that revenues increased nearly 60% under Frederica’s direction.

Frederica clearly has a passion for community involvement, serving on many advisory boards including the African Health Initiative, Joslin Diabetes African American Initiative, Neighborhood Health Plan and the federal government’s national Cancer Collaborative Community Coalition.