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Up and Coming IOS Game Apps

If you are looking for some time to kill with some wickedly fun games, look no further than the iTunes App Store. Here is a glance into the top 10 games in the app store and what...

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Our Mastering the iPod Experts

J.D. Biersdorfer

J.D. Biersdorfer

Columnist and author of iPod: The Missing Manual

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Tony Bove

Tony Bove

Journalist, columnist and co-author of iPod & iTunes for Dummies...

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Brad Miser

Brad Miser

Author of more than 30 books including Absolute Beginner's...

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Feeding Your iPod Addiction

Initially, it was all about the music for Kristine Hatfield. “I liked the thought of having so much music in a small container, especially for exercising,” she says.

As the vice president for enrollment and student management at Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans, Kristine soon discovered that her iPod had an even deeper significance in her life: It helped center her spiritually and calm her daily stresses and anxieties. “I love the free podcasts,” she says. “I can download meditations and prayer readings on a weekly or daily basis.”

If you doubt that your iPod could become this life altering, you could be wrong. Many iPod users say they can’t imagine life without their iPods—nor would they want to. If you begin to integrate your iPod into your world, like Kristine, one thing’s certain: You’re not alone. With more than 110 million iPod units sold around the world to both PC and Mac users, the iPod culture is viral, spreading faster and faster with each successive generation of improved iPod technology.

The first 30 days of mastering the iPod will be an exciting, exploratory time in which you’ll learn how to operate a wide a range of features that could enhance your life. From entertainment to work to education, there are limitless ways your iPod can enhance your life. The first step is to unlock its potential.

The iPod Experience

Technology experts have been following the iPod’s growth since its 2001 launch—focusing on how this technological device has helped evolve our culture—one that is wild about coveted, all-in-one devices geared toward those on the move. “In the 1960s and 1970s, it was the transistor AM radio,” says Michael Miller, author of iPodpedia: The Ultimate iPod and iTunes Resource. “In the 1980s, it was the Sony Walkman. In the 1990s, it was the portable CD player. The iPod is just the latest such portable device embraced by the public.”

Of course, turning on the iPod is just the first step. The iPod works best in tandem with iTunes, a digital media player with an online store that allows you to download, upload and manage your songs and videos. During the first 30 days of mastering the iPod, most of your time will be spent uploading all your music CDs to iTunes and moving songs over to your iPod. In all likelihood, you may have already uploaded some of your favorite CDs to your computer for home or office listening. If you need a refresher, Apple walks you through the process online here. A music store is built into the iTunes program, so you can easily purchase and download individual songs, entire albums, music videos or feature-length movies for your device.

Posted: 2/1/08

Very informative article. I have a few trepidations with the I-Pod myself. I'll be able to use a lot of this advice.