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Question:How To Make Diabetic People To Be More Discipline?

My father have diabetes, and we always taking care of him based on what the doctors told us to. we always watched his food, giving him the shot on time, etc. the problem is he don't want to be on diet. he keeps eating everything he wants (rice, coffee with sugar, cookies) because he said he don't like the diet food. we had try to make the diet food taste as good as the 'real' food and cook him with various recipe, but he still don't want to eat it, and secretly buying food from restaurants.

To make things worse is he also got a kidney problem and refuse to do the dialysis 3 times a week. he only do it twice or once a week which makes him very weak and tired. but he always gets angry if we tell him to be on diet or to do his dialysis.
what advise could you give me to help me with my problem?
thank you so much.

Asked by ininanay on 11/17/08 5 Answers»


Managing diabetes can be a stressful, time-consuming process. People suffering from diabetes should always be updated with the blood pressure and also with the weight. They also should be focused on the diet plan which are precribed by doctore.
BP monitor to be updated with Blood pressure Level: Link
Degital Weighing Scale to track your weight: Link

Answered by: JohnKerry on 7/29/15


I think you should take a long, deep look at : Link

Answered by: Karenduff10 on 3/10/14


It's very important to understand what changes your father would like in his life and what motivates him to change. Have you read the book Motivational Interviewing in Health Care: Helping Patients Change Behavior by Stephen Rollnick PhD (Author), William R. Miller Phd (Author), MD Christopher C. Butler (Author)? It can help you to understand the conversation that would be most beneficial for your dad.

Answered by: EllenMSW on 9/28/09


Wow, that is so hard. Yeah I would make it less like "diet food" and more just the norm. Cook things that you yourself would voluntarily eat. Figure out what he likes from restaurants and see if you can make a less carb-heavy, less fat version.

For dialysis, why exactly doesn't he like to go? Just the time involved? Does he get bored? Maybe you could add some "fun" component to that.

Answered by: aliciak on 11/27/08


Don't put your father on a diet, cook good healthy food for the whole family. You are co-dependent with him, don't make him feel like he's along in this fight.

Answered by: albefree on 11/22/08
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