"It's good to be reminded that we have these tools within ourselves, but it is always good to be re-inspired by people like you. Thank you for your authenticity." -Margie
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Young Adults and Addiction: The Benefits of Inpatient Care

For many young people, drug use and experimentation is a rite of passage of sorts. However, experimenting with drugs and alcohol is far from harmless, and can often result in lifelong...

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Kathryn Howard

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Sharon Janis

Author of Secrets of Spiritual Happiness

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Speaker and author of Nuts & Bolts Spirituality

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Change Nation: Mark Thornton (08/01/08)

Mark Thornton on Living More Spiritually

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If you're stressed out and can't focus, bringing meditation into your day is a great release and anyone can do it! Mark Thornton, author of the best-selling book Meditation in a New York Minute, tells you simple ways to relax and achieve inner calm despite a busy schedule. For more information on Mark Thornton, visit www.markthornton.us.


I really enjoyed the Interview with Mark Thornton. As a radio host, myself, it is really refreshing to know that other's are thinking like me.
I only wish that this could have been on my shows for the people out there to hear.
But, for now, I will take the renewed thoughts and tools and talk about it.
I give thanks for the inspiration.

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