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For many young people, drug use and experimentation is a rite of passage of sorts. However, experimenting with drugs and alcohol is far from harmless, and can often result in lifelong...

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Selling Out

Selling Out

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so the saying goes. Throwing things away can be a difficult process because you hate to waste something that someone else could put to good use. Additionally, it’s hard to part with something you know is going to a landfill. So, don’t do it! Have a sale instead, make some money and know that some of your possessions are going to a good home, or at the very least, a home.
Geralin Thomas, a professional organizer, gives you the Yard Sale rundown if you’re considering having one. Spring and early Fall (hey, that’s now!) are prime times for scheduling a sale because people are out and about and not on vacation. You will probably enjoy a day of being “forced” to be outside even, while your kids play in the yard!
Getting everything organized beforehand is the hard part: you have to advertise, think about rain dates/options and make sure you have enough of your family participating so you can take a break here and there. For many more tips, follow the link to Thomas’ advice! Do you have any yard sale tips of your own? [Unclutterer.com]

Posted: 9/12/08

I am a Yard Sale Master. 2003 my childless aunt passed away. 2005 my father passed away. 2007 my mother passed away. 2009 my mother-in-law passed away. Every two years I have had to liquidate a household. It has really made me aware of what I own. In addition, I have had to move twice in the past three years. At first it was hard to let go of my parents items, which were added in part to my own 'collection'. Hmmm, time to let go of 'stuff'. My children will NOT need to liquidate me. Those treasured items to be passed on to future generations will be clearly marked for the intended receiver.

  • By cajenk
  • on 11/12/09 7:45 PM EST

It's difficult for me to toss out things I've spent decades collecting. But, I can't imagine wanting to use a lot the stuff even in the next five years. So, what the heck? I think I'll take the advice of this article. Maybe I can get an old guy in a blue shirt to come look. (See the photo above.)

  • By cobber
  • on 10/8/08 10:36 AM EST

I have a rule that if I haven’t used something in six months it should go. I used to do garage sales but I had a hard time with strangers reducing my belongings to a nickel. Now if I have a friend or family member that wants something I just give it away. It feels good to give and know that my belongings will go to someone who loved it as much as I did once upon a time.

  • By coleman
  • on 9/26/08 10:36 AM EST