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Young Adults and Addiction: The Benefits of Inpatient Care

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Organizing Tools of the Future!

Organizing Tools of the Future!

Has anyone seen the Unclutterer.com Unitasker Wednesday feature? It looks at those items that serve one purpose only, and it's usually a silly one that rings of superfluity, such as an egg piercer, a toe towel and a mascara warmer. These are all real products!
Suffice it to say, most Unitasker Wednesday items will not really help you get organized, but perhaps there are some realistic inventions yet to be invented that would! The Uncluttered recently unveiled a few Gift Giving Guides, and one in particular challenges readers to come up with ideas for products that would aid in the organization process, no matter how outlandish! A few suggestions from the writers and commenters include universal power cords, to avoid the wire and cord mess in drawers and on floors. One commenter wants "self-cleaning children," which would save on time, laundry and money put towards new clothes and wipes.

Me? I have a few wants as well:

1. A dishwasher that not only washes dishes, but unloads them as well with no breaking in the process. Now that I think about it, I really want Rosie the robot maid from "The Jetsons" to come live with me, taking the dishes out of my hands as soon as I finish eating and working her robot magic.

2. Sticking with the robot theme, I'd also like a mini robot with microscopic-seeing abilities that could find all those little things I constantly misplace—keys, grocery list, subway card, favorite earrings, etc.

3. No more junk drawers! I don't really want a drawer devoted to every single item I have in my junk drawer, but there's a misconception about junk drawers being organized. You're putting something away! What could go wrong? Well, things get lost in an abyss of junk, that's what! Maybe my microscopic lost-item robot can help with that.

4. A mechanism that takes stock of what recipe ingredients I have and the best way to make use of them before expiration dates or spoilage occurs. I seem to always be tossing out a brown soppy mess of parsley and blue ricotta.

What’s on your dream wish list?
—Alicia Kachmar

Posted: 12/11/08

I want an automated closet organizer that keeps everything organized and creates outfits for me.


I would like something like a roomba that picks up my husbands dirty socks.

  • By LMAYO9
  • on 12/12/08 9:52 AM EST