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Bankruptcy: The Power of the Clean Slate

It doesn’t take many clicks online to find writing and advice on how to shape up your finances, even First30Days has a great financial advice section found here. There are...

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Two-Wheelin' It

Now before you get turned off by the idea, keep in mind there are multiple benefits to riding a bike to work, for you and the environment. Plus, no one says you have to do it everyday—or the whole trip for that matter.

First of all, making an effort to go green is never easy, but with rising fuel prices taking a bike to work is more than just being green. You get to save some green too! Even if you ride your bike 2-3 times a week, that'll cut down on your fuel and car usage
tremendously, not to mention the increased health benefits for yourself - need we remind you that bathing suit season is just around the corner? If you've got a long commute to work try riding your bike part of the way and use public transportation the rest
of the way. Many mass transit buses have racks to accommodate bikers with long commutes.

If you're concerned about cleanup when you get to work, find out ahead of time if your job has any discounts with nearby health clubs that you could shower at. If not, you could always use the restroom sink to get sorted out. Not very graceful, but if the
weather isn't too hot, then it may be sufficient to do the trick. Just remember the essentials: a wash cloth,
soap, and deodorant. Anything else is your choice to bring. Anyone out there riding a bike to work or to run errands? [Bankrate.com]

Posted: 5/16/08