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Of all the business problems companies have, I think they become more magnified when the chief executive officers lose sight that their organization is made up of people. In my experience...

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Jumping the Shark

Happy Days was one of the greatest programs ever on television. The show's countless fans wanted to be friends with "The Fonz", have a swell boyfriend like Richie or have a cool hang-out like Arnold's Drive-In. Everything was going great and the show seemed like it had the potential to go on forever  until one fateful episode in 1977 when an oddly concocted script called for Arthur Fonzarelli to jump over a shark on his motorcycle. Fans said the series was never the same after that ridiculous premise, and it was all down hill afterwards.

The episode was so notorious that the phrase "jumping the shark" is now used any time a great thing reaches its peak or turning point in a completely ridiculous fashion. I think that anything in life can have a shark jumping moment – not just situation comedies. This is especially true on the job.

Some examples include the time your boss asked you to pick up his laundry on the way back from your coffee run, or the presentation you gave on your new plan to include brown sugar in the office coffee stations. I had my first jumping the shark moment when I was waitressing and I had to sing "Happy Birthday" to a former boss.

If you think your shark has already been jumped, embrace your instincts. Instead of letting your job drag on for another five ridiculous seasons, take this as an opportunity to pursue your dream job. -Joy Hepp

Posted: 12/31/08

amibelle -- that's hysterical! one of those truth is stranger than fiction things.
I'm not coming up with my jump the shark moment right now, but a funny thing that comes to mind is a company I worked for had a "name the conference room" contest to help boost morale. They also instituted meetingless Wednesdays because we were constantly in meetings and needed at least one day a week to do work and they set up easels with canvas and paints on each floor that we were supposed to use to express ourselves.


Too true, my jumping the shark moment was when corporate head office ordered our facility manager to take out every 2nd lightbulb in the building in order to save money. That was the moment I knew to get out.