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First Date Musts

First Date Musts

Common sense says to keep first dates light and breezy, to stay away from controversial topics, and to avoid discussing former relationships at all costs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn some very important things about your date. In fact, it’s your obligation to learn six particular date traits to save yourself time and potential heartache. 

1. Pet Situation
Sure, knowing whether your date has any pets may give you some insight into the kind of person he is or life she leads, but, more importantly, it may give you some clues about your compatibility. If you’re allergic to cats and she has three, or you hate dogs and he has two Rottweilers, this may not be a match made in heaven. While inconvenient, pet incompatibility doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker, though. I had two cats when I met my boyfriend, who happens to be allergic to felines, and we’ve managed to make it work. A combination of a weekly lotion on the cats, and my boyfriend’s growing immunity has made it possible for us to live together happily.

2. Employment Status
With the economy in the crapper and so many people receiving pink slips lately, one could argue that unemployment is the hot, new trend this year. But the bottom line is being unemployed sucks, and it definitely affects one’s outlook and one’s dating life. Still, it’s not impossible to start a relationship with someone or while unemployed, but it’s certainly something that will need a bit of strategizing and forethought, and it’s definitely something one should be prepared for from the first date.

3. Dream Vacation
Like the pet situation, finding out what your date’s dream vacation is not only gives you insight into him or her, it clues you in on your compatibility. If he dreams of spending a week on a golf course in Arizona while you fantasize of a riding on the back of an elephant in Thailand, you might want to keep looking for Mr. Right. Likewise, if she dreams of a yoga retreat in India and you haven’t stretched to your toes since 8th grade gym class, being together may be a challenge neither of you is up for. Then again, you might find the differences between you enough of a turn on to give it a go. Either way, it’s good to know upfront what you’re getting yourself into. -Wendy Atterberry

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Posted: 12/10/08

I rate dating as the second hardest thing since growing up.


I feel as if I always go against most dating/relationship rules, but this rarely works against me. To each his/her own!

  • By aliciak
  • on 12/10/08 2:56 PM EST