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How to Give Furniture a Vintage or Rustic Effect

Many homeowners use procedures to distress their furniture. When a furniture piece has a vintage look, it has more character. Although there are stores that sell vintage furniture...

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A Lemon A Day

You know that old saying—when life hands you lemons, make…cleaning supplies?

It may sound crazy, but those in the green home know will tell you that lemons, as well as oranges, are a great natural way to do everything from clean windows to polish furniture.

Lemons and other citrus fruits contain citric acid, which cuts through grease and acts as a natural cleaning agent. The juice can be mixed with vinegar to clean countertops, or with baking soda to make a mild bleach solution. Your home, in addition to being free and clear of harsh chemicals, will smell really, really good. So that's why all those commercial cleansers all come in lemon scents!

For more fresh ideas on using lemon in your home, click here.  Pretty soon, you’ll be singing the praises of citrus! [Re-Nest]

Posted: 4/1/08

Had heard of this before and it's a good one,on cleaning days, to remember.