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Paul Greene

Paul Greene

Film and television actor, model and athlete

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Audrey Slater

Audrey Slater

Fashion director at REDBOOK who has styled dozens of celebrities...

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Nick Arrojo

Nick Arrojo

Master Stylist and owner of Arrojo Studio.

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Nick Arrojo on Changing Your Look

Nick Arrojo on Changing Your Look

What’s your main message for men?

Keep it simple; keep it classic.

What is the smallest or easiest way to change your look?

One of the easiest ways to change your look is to choose a haircut that allows for styling versatility. This can be very inexpensive yet very effective and it is often a style element that men overlook. Remember, with product––hair gels, texture pastes, styling crèmes, and the like––you can change the shape and style of most haircuts, as you have a bit of length to work with.

What do women notice most about a man’s look?

Hands down, confidence. Women will notice the way you carry yourself above anything else. This includes having good posture and a strong sense of personal style (no matter what that style may be).

What are your top five tips for creating a new image and style?

1. Expand your horizons. It’s very easy to get caught in the jeans and T-shirt rut. Look for different variations on your favorite styles or go for something new all together.

2. Stay true to yourself. You can still keep your personal style intact without becoming someone else completely. Don’t sell out your own identity to follow the crowd; individuality is a very underrated quality.

3. Don’t get wrapped up in trends, stay true to yourself. Be wary of mass trends that everyone is following. It has been proven time and time again, these trends last only but a minute while their followers hang on for years. For example, the faux hawk came and went in a flash but there are still people trying to make it hip and cool.

4. It’s all in the execution. No matter what the style, it’s the way you wear it––from a well-executed haircut to trousers having the proper hem length––if you don’t execute the look properly, it will most definitely fall short.

5. Do what makes you feel good. It’s quite simple, when you feel good about the way you look, others will take notice as well. Confidence is the best style component of all.

What’s the best way to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget?

The general rule is to make investments in classic pieces of clothing that never go out of style, like cashmere sweaters or a great pair of jeans. For a trendy item, something you’ll only wear one season, you may not want to pay top dollar but rather get a similar item at a discount store like H&M.

You can also make money from your old clothes, donating them to consignment shops or thrift stores (all tax deductible!). Spend that refund on the new pieces you need to complete your wardrobe.

Posted: 10/15/08