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Go Twosies

Go Twosies

You have two bathrooms, but all toothbrushes are in the location most convenient for bedtime—upstairs. Each and every morning, without fail, various members of the family fight to getting into the bathroom at exactly the same time for exactly the same reason—to brush. Do you:

A. Allow the fighting to continue and may the best man, woman or child win?
B. Establish a bathroom schedule?
C. Purchase a second set of toothbrushes?

While none of these options is wrong, the best answer is C. Buy some toothbrushes and put them in the downstairs bathroom. While you’re at it, get two sets of everything—hair dryers, deodorant, creams or other cosmetics—basically, anything that’s used in the bathroom.

Waiting in line, carrying things from one bathroom to another or traveling farther than you need to are all incredibly inefficient. Double up and make your morning (and bedtime) routine that much easier.

Oh right, and don’t forget toothpaste.

Posted: 3/27/09
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