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"I want you to know that I love your website. It is so informative and easy to read. It is one of the best I have ever come across-so bright and cheerful." -Mary
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Smiles, Everyone, Smiles!

And welcome to Fantasy Island. Okay, so maybe we can’t make all your dreams come true, but we can tell you how to make this day a little better.

Smile. Whether you feel like it or not, just do it. Right now as you’re reading this.

Feel that? Even a fake smile—literally going through the motion of happiness—can brighten your mood. Smiling also lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, boosts your immune system, relieves stress and helps you look younger and more confident. But, it’s not only about you. When you smile, you make the people around you happier.

And they see that you really are friendly and approachable—sort of like Mr. Roarke and Tattoo.

Posted: 4/17/08
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"Smile and the world smiles with you" " Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella" So true, and be sure to watch those around you when you do. It's a good old fashioned warm fuzzy!