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How to Give Furniture a Vintage or Rustic Effect

Many homeowners use procedures to distress their furniture. When a furniture piece has a vintage look, it has more character. Although there are stores that sell vintage furniture...

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Taking it to the Streets

A family in the small British town of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire had enough with their new home, and they weren't going to take it anymore!

Rennie and Sheralee Bottali spent the weekend with their four young daughters protesting in front of Bovis Homes with a banner listing all of the issues they had with their new home. Their gripes included a garden dug up twice because of drainage problems, a back door that never locked, and a gas leak that lasted for a month.

"After seven months our home is still not completed. We have three businesses between us but we have been preoccupied with trying to sort out our home so we can live in it," Rennie Bottali told the local newspaper, Hunt's Post.
The developer responded by offering to pay for a family vacation during which they could address all of the necessary complaints
without causing more trouble for the family. The Bottalis refused the offer.

Talk about resilience! Although it might be a while before you have to resort to a family sit-in weekend, if you're building a home from the ground up it's important to work closely with your builders so that any unresolved issued can be solved before you move in.

And if you're buying a home, make sure you follow the expert advice to have everything properly inspected prior to move in!

Posted: 7/31/08