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Young Adults and Addiction: The Benefits of Inpatient Care

For many young people, drug use and experimentation is a rite of passage of sorts. However, experimenting with drugs and alcohol is far from harmless, and can often result in lifelong...

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Diana L. Guerrero

Diana L. Guerrero

Animal behaviorist and author of Blessing of the Animals...

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Dr. Robyn Jaynes

Dr. Robyn Jaynes

Pet care expert for PetSmart

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Warren Eckstein

Warren Eckstein

Pet trainer and author of Pet Aerobics

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Adopting a pet may seem like big change, but it’s easy when you’re given the right tools…and it’s very rewarding. Your pet will keep you company, lavish you with affection, make you laugh, make you cry and transform your life.

Bringing a pet into your home is a big step. You’ll feel the excitement of a new beginning and the pleasure of your pet’s emerging personality and friendship, but you may also worry about meeting his needs and feel frustrated by the demands of his new routine. These email tips will help you navigate the practical and emotional challenges of adopting a pet.

During the next 30 days, you can expect to:

  • Research various pets and determine which is the best fit.
  • Determine the needs and demands of your new pet.
  • Buy necessary supplies and food.
  • Acclimate your pet to his new home.
  • Find the professionals you need to keep your pet healthy and happy.
  • Bond with your new pet and welcome him into the family.

As you and your new pet begin a lifetime together, we’ll be here to offer tips, resources and testimonials to help you on your way!

DID YOU KNOW? Of all U.S. households, 63% have pets—that’s 69 million households, and approximately 363 million animals. All those people and pets must be onto something. They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but your best friend might be a cat, bird, fish, rabbit, gecko or even a pig!

Posted: 9/27/16
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My name is Tammy Paul, I’m finally fulfilling my promise to Dr. Wakina after the unexpected miracle he performed last December by bringing back my Husband as a clean and perfect man I once to know. I called his work unexpected because I didn’t know or believe a Man could have such a talent to restore a damaged home.
After my Husband was restored, I waited to see if he will go back to his old ways, for more than 6 months, I have been observing him, but he never went back, he became so perfect like we never had issues in the past. I also observed if his work will bring bad luck to me or my family, instead, Dr. Wakina spell mad us stronger, wealthier and more united than ever.
I am giving back to the world the opportunity they gave me to meet my destiny changer. The reviews I read on blogs and drwakinalovetemple.webs.com changed my whole life. I have confirmed that Dr. Wakina is real and his love spell is so powerful, his spell last for eternity, he is a good man that knows his work. I promise you won’t regret when you email him via: dr.wakinalovetemple@gmail.com for help.


My deepest secret turned against me after my husband discovered I was seeing my boss. Though it’s a shameful act, but I was afraid my boss would fire me if I resist. I really wanted to stay in the job because my husband was not working and my boss increased my pay because of our secret affairs. I thought I was doing our family good, until my husband found out through my colleague, he was broken at that moment and vowed never to see me again. My senses came back, I quitted the job, I was ashamed of myself, I became suicidal, and I started doing drugs in order to forget my past.
Few days after the divorce papers were served, I email Dr. Wakina via (dr.wakinalovetemple@gmail.com) After reading some overwhelming reviews about his bring lover back spell, I explained everything to him and pleaded to make me change, to adore only my husband and make my husband forgive and forget every evil I have done to him and forget about divorce. It took Dr. Wakina two days to cast the spell, my husband came back five days after the spell. I couldn’t believe my eyes, he totally forgave me and agreed to start afresh with me, he then appreciated Dr. Wakina for his help and promised not to divorce. I am so happy for our new beginning, we have a new job and a new apartment. For over seven months, things has been working. I was blessed since the day I found Dr. Wakina’s email: (dr.wakinalovetemple@gmail.com)


I wrote an article to Dr. Wakina on how I and my husband had a fight that lead to my loneliness and despair, hoping for help on getting back my husband. The reason we got into fight was not because he always cheat on me with different women, I always forgive him for that because I couldn’t change him. I fought him when I found out he was too extravagate, he wasted our hard earned money on his vices which includes smoking, drinking, clubbing and gambling. As an expecting mother, I couldn’t accept that part of his life and the pain he caused me hence I went hysterical and physically abused him on our anniversary night (May 31st). He was traumatized by the fight which I regretted, I asked for his forgiveness, but he never listed, he traveled out of the country to stay with his friend. I was seriously hurt, my guilty conscience won't let me live without him.
I ask Dr. Wakina in the article to help prove to my husband that I am no longer hysterical, I want him to come back and start life afresh with me. I also pleaded to Dr. Wakina to help me get back his forgiveness and love towards me and our unborn child. I was lucky at the end, my desires were granted, it happened like a miracle after the love spell, I felt the spell on me emotionally and I have changed, my husband come back to me as a changed man too, for months now, he has been truthful to me, Dr. Wakina Softened his heart and made him to accept my love again and what I can offer. We are living in peace since after the spell. Thank you Great Dr. Wakina. Reach out to him via [dr.wakinalovetemple@gmail.com]


Sometime late September last year, I needed help for a bring back love spell after reading great reviews on Dr. Wakina and his love spell. I had a situation which I desperately needed a supernatural help on, every physical efforts made to rescue my husband has always failed. My husband stopped loving and caring for me and our children after 7 years of happy home. He did so much wrong to me, I encountered so many domestic violence from him, he turned into a professional liar, and the worst of all, and he started using drugs and alcohol. I couldn’t bear his torture anymore when he wanted a divorce. I couldn’t afford to lose my husband to a strange spirit, I knew him to be a loving man before we got married, but I didn’t know what came over him.
Doctor Wakina love spell was so great and powerful, my estranged husband’s attitude and urge for evil changed just after 8 days of the completion of the love spell. The reasons why I can recommend Dr. Wakina to anyone are, his love spell is real and it works, Doctor wakina don’t cast love spell that is against anyone’s wish and his love spell lasts for eternity. I have been observing my husband’s behavior for more than 9 months, he is still the same, he has never stopped loving me again, the love keep growing each day and we keep prospering with the blessings that follows Doctor Wakina’s love spell. That’s the reason why I can recommend him to anyone event to my worst enemy… to email him via dr.wakinalovetemple@gmail.com


What about when the pet picks you? Yes I said you. I already have 5 dogs and each one is like a child to me and my husband. Mind you these are not small dogs. The smalledst is "Dude". Dude is a Beagle / Jack Russel mix with an attitude! We inhereited him when my X mother in law passed away 2 years ago. I had brought him home for my then sister in law she likes Jack russels. Well, Dude did not like it in that house..he kept running away...all I would do is holler his name and he would come running and about bow me away....knocking me over. I brought him home with me...and he has been happy ever since....
now this is not the only one....in June of this year (2008) we had a stray yellow lab/ golden retreiver mix show up here at the house after 5 days being here I called the local humane society...they had notified me that he was lost... and had called the owner....they lived down the road and over the hill from us...they came and got him. Think that was the end of it? Not a chanve!....Every week for a perioed of not more than 4 days apart...he would hsoe up here again. I would call his owner and they would pick him up....as of last friday Sept 5th his owner came loking for him again....sure enough I told him..yep he is here...has been since yesterday morning....cometo find out this man had bought a kennel for "Bill" he climed out of it...so he bought a 6 ft one...he climebed out of it to...so he resorted to chaining him....and after naumerous chains being broken and colors being lost....he always found his way back to us. Any how back to the story, last firday...when the owner came for him....I told him if there is ever a time that he is to be gone any length of time...just let us know he can drop him off here with us...that way he knows where he is...and that he is being taken care of...the owner hung his head and said "Thats just it...I have to go to Texas for an extended amount of time, I do not know when I will be coming back....I was looking for him to chain him up again...." I just told him, leave him here ...we can look after him and love him...till you get back...he will end up here anyhow...this way I know to bring him in at night and will not have to worry.....he is here with us...he is learning and is thriving here....he sure is a happy pup...found out he is just 9 months old....and his feet are already the size of the palm of my hand.....he has got alot fo growing to do yet...