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Diana L. Guerrero

Diana L. Guerrero

Animal behaviorist and author of Blessing of the Animals...

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Dr. Robyn Jaynes

Dr. Robyn Jaynes

Pet care expert for PetSmart

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Warren Eckstein

Warren Eckstein

Pet trainer and author of Pet Aerobics

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Answer:Hi my name is Kate Clancy, I’m 24 years old. My ex boyfriend he broke up with me 5 weeks ago. I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant. We were together for...
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Answer:Absolutely! My cats are my little babies. Like angie805 said, my cats get birthday parties and presents, too. They each have their own personalities...
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Answer:I think they work, especially if you put a photo. I created a flier on www.peanutcafe.com . They also allow you to post an online ad too. Someone in...
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Answer:I've tried brushing them...they hate it. Then the dog gets nervous (I'm guessing thinking he's next) and gets the other cats riled up so there is no...
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Answer:Airedales exhibit some herding characteristics. This may be where the nipping comes into play. Is he/she biting when you run? They are also very smart...
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