Merchantville, NJ

“Praise God for the small miracles and the wonderful people he sends into my life.”

Favorite Cheer!


The biggest change I've ever made:
Leaving successful job for no job
The best change I've ever made:
Finding time to discover what I wanted to do and what I had to contribute, what I was destined to do
The worst change I've ever made:
Accepting promotions without preparing for them or training for them. Having no soul for the job.
The hardest change I've ever made:
Leaving friends and family to do what I was good at.
One thing I'd change in the world:
Opportunity available to all based on talent not on appearnce.
My best friend's one-word description of me:
I'm really good at:
Educating children towards thier personal destiny
My favorite person:
Jesus Christ
My favorite guilty pleasure:
Ice Cream stop after work
My favorite quote:
Live on in My Love.