Painesville, OH

“I moved to Ohio and am looking for a new really good enriched life.”

Favorite Cheer!


The biggest change I've ever made:
To pick up and move to another state.
The best change I've ever made:
I now get to see my neices and nephews more
The worst change I've ever made:
the changes that caused my life to get so out of balance.
The hardest change I've ever made:
seeing my brothers and sister die.
One thing I'd change in the world:
not to have my family members die, my dad included
My best friend's one-word description of me:
I'm really good at:
embroidery, cooking, music, some sports
My favorite person:
I am learning hard to make it me along with some others, Cause I have to get myself through this life.
My favorite guilty pleasure:
eating chocolate, treating myself, taking time for myself
My favorite quote:
Live each day as though it was your last, 'cause one day it will be. My father