Howard Beach, NY

“Going through major changes in my life and I am so excited!”

Favorite Cheer!


The biggest change I've ever made:
Moving out from childhood home into a new home with boyfriend...
The best change I've ever made:
Leaving a dead-end job during college, for a great job where my boss paid for my health insurance while I was working part-time
The worst change I've ever made:
I don't regret the choices/changes I've made in my life
The hardest change I've ever made:
Getting out of a 6 year relationship which started when I was 16.
One thing I'd change in the world:
If I had the power to change the world, I would end disease, poverty, and taxes!
My best friend's one-word description of me:
I'm really good at:
I have excellent argumentative skills
My favorite person:
My favorite guilty pleasure:
When I think of guilty pleasure I think of food....would have to be a big bowl of cold ice cream
My favorite quote:
If you want your life to be different, perhaps you need to be different first.