“Everything happens for a reason, keep the faith & live as if today is your last.”

Favorite Cheer!


The biggest change I've ever made:
To say goodbye to a friendship of 5 years with a man that changed my life forever
The best change I've ever made:
To live in the moment and not worry about things I have no control over
The worst change I've ever made:
Taking my last job after losing the job I loved - I jumped at it without thinking it through
The hardest change I've ever made:
To quit my last job when the economy was so bad
One thing I'd change in the world:
For people to learn not to be so judgemental of each other
My best friend's one-word description of me:
I'm really good at:
landscape photography
My favorite person:
My friend "Dog"
My favorite guilty pleasure:
Sneaking away to the beach and recharging my soul
My favorite quote:
Only Time Will Tell