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Freedom Fries!

Freedom Fries!

Sodium has long been understood as bad for our heart health, but new research shows salt might not be so evil. In fact, the 25% of the study participants who ate the least salt were 80% more likely to die from cardiac disease than the 25% who ate the most salt.

Huh? You still might not want to opt for the fries. Researchers believe that a high-salt diet is not healthy, but they do acknowledge that it might not be necessary to tell generally healthy patients to cut down on their salt intake. Researchers are open to the possibility that when previous studies reflected a link between heart disease and high-salt diets, other factors were at play, such as existing diseases.

The key to eating for heart health is still enjoying a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Are you already cutting your sodium intake to help prevent heart disease? Has this study made you question your eating habits? [HealthDay]

Posted: 7/22/08