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Question:I am starting a diet because I do really need to lose weight, but I am only 14. Should I start dieting at this age?

Asked by saviii on 3/11/09 5 Answers»


For me, in order to lose my weight :) i have followed Link

Answered by: Daina2013 on 9/23/13


I would like to recommend that you make exercise part of your life style and adjust your diet to include more fruits and vegetables. I think it is important to be concious of this at 14 and have an interest in your health. Just be mindful that you shouldn't be obsessing about it.

Answered by: Sheron1970 on 8/29/12


I think it is NEVER too soon to watch what you eat, and portion control, but being strict is NOT necessary! You are still young and your body is still growing, let it grow but give it what it needs to grow! Use that pyramid of food types and focus on the veggies, fruit and etc. Let your choices be good ones! You might inspire those around you with your stand!

Answered by: ToryPinky on 4/2/12


I don't think you should start dieting already.
I've done it myself at the age of 14 but it went totaly wrong because I was thinking to much about food! It's the same effect when you say to a child it may not have a candybar, it's going to take it anyway, just because they know they may not take it!
If you see donuts and you think: no I really cannot take it, you are going to take it anyway!
maybe not in the first weeks, but it's just a matter of time before you're gonna eat donuts again and then.. those pounds are back again!

it's better when you just eat healthy food, and sometimes a little bit candy or chocolate.
don't punish yourself to much! when you're happy, and don't focuss on your diet to much, you will look better and, after a few, week, skinnier!

Good luck girl!

Answered by: Daisy92 on 10/8/09


Maybe you should start by learning the hunger signals and see if that helps!

Full feels like a warm, pleasant sensation in your solar plexus (under your rib cage and above your stomach)

Ideally, you would want to initiate a meal when you are in a state of hunger but not completely famished (a scale rating of about three), and finish a meal when you are in a state of fullness but not completely stuffed (a scale rating of approximately six).

0 3 5 7 10

0 = Starving, famished, headache
3 = Need to eat something, hunger pangs
5 = Comfortable, lightness about you
6 = Somewhat full, satisfied and content
8 = Overfull, need to loosen clothing, must sit for awhile
10 = Nauseated, vow to never eat this much again


Answered by: mellyhoo on 3/14/09
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