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Jazz Up Your Exercise

If you are getting tired of the same ho-hum workout, then don’t fret just yet. Fitness experts say there are a bank of new fitness trends that can take your summer exercise routine from yawn to bada-bing!

One huge benefit of changing up your routine is that you will avoid hitting a plateau, a common problem with tried and true workout routines. Plateaus mean you stop losing weight and your body no longer feels challenged by the same old exercises.
Check out the following fresh-off-the-exercise-belt routines and spice up your next workout.

*Rolling Away Pain. A simple, inexpensive foam roller can help loosen stiff muscles and prevent injury. Roll out your legs, shoulders and back for a great pre-workout stretch, and use it after exercising to help your body rejuvenate for your next workout.

*From Stripping to Spiritual. Trade in last year’s hot Strippercise class for a more traditional dance class that focuses on ancient and traditional dance moves rooted in rituals and religion. You will benefit from a more spiritual and psychological experience. Find a teacher at JourneyDance.com.

*Taking a Global Perspective.
Check out several new classes that are derived from fighting and dance practices around the world, including international Asian sword fighting, called Forza, and Indian-inspired dance classes called Masala Bhangra. You may also notice at your gym Krav Maga, a class focused on Israeli martial arts.

*The Old Becomes New.
New technology is a fantastic addition to workouts, but sometimes sticking to the basics is just what your body needs. Try adding traditional moves, like push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups to your next routine. Your body will notice!

We’re curious: What do you do to avoid workout boredom? [MSN]

Posted: 5/29/08