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Top 5 Things to Do

When you’re finally fed up with your unfulfilling, dull career doing whatever pays the bills, it’s time to find your dream job. These tried and true steps will set you on the right path to securing the perfect career:

1. Discover what interests you.

Explore your world and yourself by trying new things. When you find something that you truly love to do, research jobs within that field. On paper, list what you liked best about past jobs and see if these qualities are present in you prospective dream job. Remember that your dream job could be something radically different than what you’re doing now.

2. Research opportunities.

Look into the industries, companies and organizations that fit your interests. Ask your local reference librarian or career counselor for information about prospective careers. Use the internet to find out what companies have to offer. Determine whether your skills, knowledge and interests would be a good match for a potential position.

3. Polish that resume.

Attach a targeted cover letter with each resume you deliver. Address a specific person at each organization. The company brass wants to know what you can contribute to their business, so write a letter so compelling that this person wants to meet and interview you. Spend some time writing, rewriting and organizing your cover letter and resume for maximum impact, and have family and friends review them for pointers.

4. Network.

Network by developing professional relationships—whether within a union, hobby club, online forums or personally contacting people you know with similar backgrounds or interests. Start with your inner circle and build out. You never know who in your circle has a connection to your dream employer!

5. Be positive and confident.

It’s natural to feel anxiety, fear and uncertainty as you make your move to your dream job. You can also expect positive emotions, including optimism, hope and enthusiasm. After all, you’re about to enter a rewarding, fulfilling profession. Relax when you feel stressed by reading, watching a movie, exercising, meditating, praying or whatever makes you feel at ease. After an interview, take notes on the names of key employees, important projects coming up for the company and any ideas about how your dream job mutually suits both you and them. Your confidence and positive attitude are contagious.

Posted: 10/3/07

this is scary....but here I go!! great information!!

  • By lwismer
  • on 8/26/08 12:40 PM EST