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Question:Is it appropriate....

I've been on Match.com for about a month and I've gotten a few emails from people that I haven't been interested in. In each case I sent a reply email stating that I'm flattered they were interested but that I didn't think we'd be compatible. Of course, the emails are a little more smooth than my previous statement. But, I've gotten some replies back that were pretty nasty. I get that no one likes rejection, but I tend to find honesty is usually the best policy. Besides, I think it's more polite to acknowledge their emails as opposed to ignoring them.

What do you guys think, should I just be ignoring the emails, or just continue as I have been and not worry about the ones who've sent nasty responses?


Asked by Kristy101081 on 1/2/09 1 Answer»


I have actually dated from Match.com and received some profiles that show interest but I was not interested, so I just ignore and delete the profile. If you respond or not, the person that sent you a wink and realize not a response right away already know you are not interested.

Just be alert on the online dating service, there are scams: Meaning someone from another country that will have a nice attractive picture and perfect profile but is not that person at all. I experience this online dating scam and just wanted to pass on to you(Most of the Online dating Scams are coming from Nigeria.

Overall, you are not doing anything wrong, its better to know there response now rather wait until you meet this person and turn out to be not the one. Your intituition is the best

Answered by: marah2448 on 12/27/09
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