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01 jan

2011: Gateway of the One

SkySheridanA decade of the 21st century come and gone, and what science and spirit both predicted and prophesized have come true. Looking back at the turn of the millennium it is hard to believe we didn’t see the worst financial global crisis coming, a killer Hurricane Katrina, devastating tsunami or astronomical earthquake in Haiti that would wipe out hundreds of thousands of lives in an instant. We didn’t have Youtube, Wikipedia, iPhones, Facebook or Twitter and Google, our search engine lifeline, was just getting started. Y2K, the technological media myth, wasn’t the end, and we finally got to party like it was 1999.

After 9/11 (a code that we dial in for help and that contains the powerful number 11) the words “Terror” and “War” constantly struck fear into our hearts and worry into our minds. We were so consumed by giving our personal and collective power over to outer authority and outside sources that 2012 was only a blip on the temporal map and was only seen as some Mayan tale of the end of time. It felt separation would rule us all.

Here and now, eleven years later, time seems to have ended as everything became instantaneous. We have screens and technological devices wherever we go, miniaturized, plugged into our ears, tapped into our touch, connecting us all at speeds quicker than light through our thoughts. The world is literally at our fingertips and in our hands now.

We are starting to see, we are the power. The first African American president was elected because we decided we are ready for “Change” and that “Yes We Can”. A global financial crisis has pulled the veil over our eyes and the truth has been revealed about a monetary system that controls our world governments and seeks to make profit even at the expense of people and the planet, so that the few can have so much, and so that the many have nothing because of it.

Everything has been amplified, exponentially accelerated, including our consciousness and connection to each other. We have gone beyond the information age, and into the age of awareness. 2012 is just a year away now, and happens to be one of the most talked about and researched dates of our time. Depending on which side of the 2012 coin we focus on, is the one we will empower. One side is descending into destruction while the other is ascending in creation. It is our choice.

Even with as much destruction and chaos occurring all around and within us as the whole system feels like it is imploding, many are taking their power back and are starting to be creative, new and sustainable, not just for ourselves, but for the hope, integrity and joy of our posterity. Truly, we now know, that we are the ones we have been waiting for. No one is going to save us, or give us the power we don’t already have ourselves. 2011 is our time to become, to step out of the perception of what we’re not, and see what we already are.

Lets focus a second on the number 11. It is going to come up a lot this year. It is considered a master number, which just means that its purpose is to raise spiritual (inner) awareness for higher conscious. It is a number that drives us to serve altruistically. So this is the year that companies and consumers have an opportunity to make people and the planet the product that profits. 11 is known as the number of transformation. Like a butterflies wings on either side, it is our call to start to fly.

Eleven is also contains two number 1s, representing the two sides of duality, you and me, us and them, right and wrong, black and white. It is the end and the beginning, the Alpha and the Omega. The significance of two sides, or souls, standing together in unity, represents our inherent oneness and the path to our greater good. That no matter how separate we continue to try to be, the truth is we are all connected.

Graphically, 11 looks like a gateway, or a doorway. 2011 is a portal year that we are passing through, and it is calling us to recognize our unity, and to come together to restore power to the people. It is time to invoke the yogi’s “Namaste” and see yourself in every other, and in the world, like a constant mirror reflecting back to you your inner state of awareness and power.

The number 11 shows us that we must come together to create a consciousness that extends beyond the limitations of self, and to embrace our interconnection and interdependence. These are the keys to our thriving future, one that knows no limitations of inequality, poverty, hunger, war, dis-ease, and the endless destruction of our home and resources, Planet Earth.

Together, we have an great opportunity this year to use all the technology, all the connection, and the new business opportunities to shift into a creative paradigm that honors that place within you, that is also within me, which is perfect, powerful and divine. It is time to walk through the gateway of our oneness and unleash our human potential that has been kept from us through our own choice of fear, separation and limitation. This is the year to believe in possibility, to bring love to every part of our lives, yes, even into the marketplace, where the love of power is being replaced by the power of love.

The great cosmic cycle is almost complete. Our sun is aligning with the galactic center of our Milky Way. New energies are flowing through us, and all around us. It is now time to allow the number 11 to activate our hearts as one, creating a gateway where we will pass through, leaving behind our fears and all of our small, myopic beliefs, to emerge on the other side of 2012 with love as the predominant vibration on Earth. Love is the only energy, or currency, that is worth our time, and priceless in value. 2011 is our invitation to transform our lives into conscious gateways, for ourselves, and for the world. It is time to be here and now, and to wake up to the truth that we are the ONE.


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17 apr

The 30-Minute Recharge

JayForteMost of your day is not about you. You have work, kids, life, meetings…on and on. So what energizes you? What keeps you connected and happy?

A friend of mine tells his kids at bedtime that when they go to and stay in bed, it gives him some time to ensure he will be a great father the next day. Besides keeping the kids in bed, he has time to recharge. He is able to spend time doing what he loves. This is his way to stay happy and balanced.

We all need time. We need time to recharge by connecting to what we are good at and passionate about doing. Not only does this give us time to ourselves, but it is fun, happy and meaningful time doing what we love. All it requires is a commitment of thirty minutes.

In my last post, Who Are You, Really?, I asked you to consider getting to know yourself better by responding to the following statements:

*I am good at (and list 5 things that come to you naturally).
*I am happiest when I am doing (list 5 things).
*I wish time would never end when I am doing (list 5 things).
*I am most proud of myself when I (list 5 things).

There are many reasons for this but the most important is the better you know what you are good at and passionate about, the more you can build these things in your life to make it exciting, impactful and happy. So use your responses from these statements to determine how to use your 30-minute recharge time – by doing something you love.

For example, if you said you were happiest when you are gardening, then spend an extra 30 minutes in the garden today. If you wish time would never end when you are with your grandchildren, then find 30 minutes to spend with them today. If you are good at cooking, then spend 30 minutes today cooking something new or reading a new cookbook.

Select one of any of the items you listed and commit to doing it for 30 minutes today. Not only is this the way to help make it a habit, but it also ensures that at least 30 minutes in your day, you will be involved in something you love. Isn’t that worth 30 minutes a day?

I know, I know. You say it may be worth 30 minutes, but you can’t find an extra 30 minutes in your day – all the time is already committed. For many, it seems the only way to get 30 extra minutes is to either start the day earlier or end it later. For me, I have already pushed both limits, so to find the 30 minutes I need to do something I love, I have had to learn new ways to manage my time and activities. Here are some suggestions:

1. Get better at planning. Maybe I am too left-brained but I can’t think of starting my day without a plan – to prioritize and stay in control. Without some order or organization, the day pushes me around and I won’t get done what needs to get done. And I won’t find 30 minutes to do more of what I find meaningful. So consider this approach: Take a piece of paper; draw a line down the middle. On the left side add the title “Gotta Do” – these are the urgent, must complete things;” on the right side add the title “Nice-ta Do” – these are things you would like to do but are not urgent as what is listed on the left side of the page. Get the “Gotta Do’s” done first. Notice what you put on each side of the page. You will get better at identifying obligatory and discretionary items. This helps you manage the activities in your day and help you find those important 30 minutes.

2. Control time wasters. We waste so much time during our days through inefficiency, disorganization and procrastination. Here are ways to get back in control and find 30 minutes to use in a better way:

*Get organized. Organize your living space, closets, kitchen and office. Label things. Put things away right away; remember OHIO – only handle it once. Most people waste an hour or more a day looking for things because they are disorganized. By the way, where are your keys?
*Learn to say “no.” Our inability to say no to some requests uses up much of our personal time. Sometimes the best way to say “no” is “not now.” Learning to say “no” can help you better manage your schedule and allow you to be more in control of your activities and time.
*Eliminate interruptions – they make every job take longer. Turn off the e-mail notification when you are working on other projects on the computer. Check e-mail once an hour or at some other interval. When involved in a significant project around work or the house, turn off the cell phone. Check messages every hour.
*Handle several small tasks at once. Open your mail while waiting for the kids. Create your planning list while in line at the store. Write birthday cards, etc. on the bus or train if you take public transportation.

Time management is actually activity management. And if finding 30 minutes each day to do something meaningful and valuable for you is important, then you’ll learn how to manage your time better. To get a copy of my “Where Did My Day Go? The Time and Activities Management Workbook” (PDF), e-mail me ( and write “Time Management” in the subject line.

So, what will you do with 30 minutes each day? How will you use those minutes to do things that help you be happy, successful and great? And how will you rearrange your day to be sure your get your 30-minute recharge? Build more into your day of what you are good at and passionate about for a life you love.

Jay Forte is a motivational speaker and performance consultant. He is the author of Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition, and the on-line resources, Stand Out and Get Hired, and The Hunt for Opportunities Success Manual. He has just completed his new book, The End of Average; Know Yourself, Find Your Fit and Transform Your World; chapter downloads will soon be available on his website. He works to connect people to their talents and passions to live fired up! More information at

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14 mar

Daylight Changing Time

JayForteOnce a year we move the clocks ahead. We lose an hour. A priceless hour. This time of year reminds me of how precious our time is.

I was up in New England visiting family this weekend. Sitting at the table we were reminiscing about so many years – jobs, dates, schools, awards, detention, cars; we talked for hours. We laughed about good choices and were embarrassed about bad choices. We remembered the times in our lives. We built these lives, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. Time allowed it.

In the last several months, Facebook has reconnected me to many people in my past – people from my grammar school, high school and college. In conversations with my grammar schoolmates, we realized it had been 35 year since we had spoken. Time gone by. Priceless time. Time we don’t get back.

Time, both vague and empirical, defines our lives. It is a unit of measure that guides us through our days and our lives. And we know from the outset, time for each of us will be limited. As Neil Armstrong says, “I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.”

It is therefore up to each of us to see the value in our time – not to waste it – but rather to treasure it, celebrate it and use it to help us develop the best life possible.

Time is a critical component of the formula for a successful life:

  • We must know ourselves – our talents, passions and interests (our true selves) – to know what makes us happy and what we are good at.
  • We must know our world, to know the canvas we have available to create our lives.
  • We use time to blend the two – our true selves and our world – to determine our unique fit – to create the best life possible.

Time allows this great life to unfold. Time is the enabler. But time is limited.

Consider the following ways to better use and treasure your time:

  1. Plan your day; this will help you prioritize your life events and get to the things that are important.
  2. Know yourself and know your world. Be constantly aware of what make you feel successful and happy. Build more of these into your day.
  3. Pay attention to your health; eat wisely and exercise to feel well each day.
  4. Build strong relationships; have loving and caring people in your life to share your time with.
  5. Create a list of the things you want to do in life – a wish list. Do as many as you can. It adds excitement, anticipation and energy to your time.

Daylight changing time is a reminder that life is not a dress rehearsal; this is all the time we have. And we should respect, care for and treasure our time. Many may complain about losing an hour of sleep, but really there are so many other things lost in this movement to daylight savings time; an hour of visiting a loved one, an hour of fitness, an hour reading and learning, an hour of travel, an hour of meditation, an hour of walking on the beach, an hour of family time, an hour of thinking time – another hour of progress in building an exceptional life.

Time doesn’t return. When used it is gone. Daylight changing time is a wakeup call. Commit to valuing time, and using it to develop your best life.

Jay Forte is a motivational speaker and performance consultant. He is the author of Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition, The Hunt for Opportunities Success Manual and the on-line resource Stand Out and Get Hired. He works to connect people to their talents and passions to work strong and live stronger. More information at

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