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19 mar

Making What You Love Your Job

RobertCordrayMost people go through life and discover they have a passionate interest in something. Maybe you can’t imagine your day without making or listening to music. Perhaps you have an urge to draw and find yourself reaching for that large box of pens to fully express your innermost thoughts. You might find that you love making delicious meals each night for your loving family, creating a fragrant garden each summer or adore the chance to observe wildlife close up and visit zoos around the world.

One of the most important goals in life is finding out what each one of us loves to do. That passion often comes from inside oneself. It is an organic process that begins early in life. Once you realize what it is that truly motivates you—what makes you utterly happy—you realize that you need to figure out how best to turn what you love into a job you can do for the rest of your life.

The best way to do that is to start with an honest self inventory. Think about what you enjoy doing. Think as well about your skill level for that particular action or subject. You may like the sciences very much, but if you find math hard, that may not be a particularly viable career choice for you. You should also think about any hobbies that you have. Perhaps you’ve always been interested in foreign travel or building miniature railroads and showing them off.

You should also evaluate what skills go into each of your passions. For example, if you are deeply interested in animal welfare, think about the kind of qualities and skills that accompany that interest. A person who loves animals may be adept at reading an animal’s emotions. They may also realize they are equally adept at reading the emotions of people. Someone who loves animals may also realize they are deeply interested in issues of ecology and the environment.

If you have multiple interests and passions, take each one into account; they often overlap. If you love gardens, you may also love to paint and draw pictures of your garden. This can easily lead to developing your skills as a landscape designer as well as skills that use your sense of graphic design.

Once you have taken a careful self-assessment, it is time to start thinking about the kinds of jobs that relate to doing the things you love. For example, if you to travel, you may also find it very easy to learn foreign languages fluently and understand all the nuances of foreign cultures. Such knowledge is incredibly useful in the job market. You might consider becoming a translator, a foreign diplomat, a tour guide overseas, a professor of languages or opening up your own travel agency. All of these jobs can be deeply satisfying for someone who loves using their talents and passions to earn a good living.

Often turning your passions into a job requires additional education. You will need certification and a degree if you want to help people by becoming a nurse or a teacher. In that case, consider an internship or other on-the-job training before committing to a career path. You may learn that you like the idea of helping people but you’re not good with the sight of blood and needles.

Another way to make what you love into your job is to contact others who have done so already. Think about your circle of friends and relatives. Consider their career choices. You may already know someone who has your dream job. Contact them directly. Ask if they want to talk to you about their career. People who love what they do often adore sharing their work experiences with people who are thinking of entering their field. Very often they can tell you exactly what is it like to be a vet, a labor lawyer or an architect. If you don’t have a direct contact, checking out a blog that focuses on helping you start a business and find your own success, such as NuSkin’s The Source makes a good option.

The important point is to know yourself. Once you understand who you are, what it is that motivates you and makes you completely happy, you are halfway to job and life happiness. Find out where that path leads and you will be on the road to happiness.

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08 feb

A struggling economy is the perfect time to reinvent yourself

KathiBurnsDuring this current economy millions of people are coping with major unexpected change.

The Change Nation interview with Daryn Kagan is the perfect example of someone taking a seemingly dire situation and making lemons out of lemonaide. When faced with the demise of her job, she took that golden opportunity to embrace change and recreate a new career based on her passions, an inspirational news web site. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of hearing about good news instead of news about war, poverty and disharmony.

If you find yourself unemployed and wondering what to do next, consider taking the time right now to discover what your true skills, talents and passions are and how you might best offer them to the world. I did this shortly after 911 and the demise of my tourism related business. Without 911, I would not be living my purpose and offering my highest talents to the world because I never had the time to stop and take a serious look at what I really wanted to do. I am sure you know the story: you get on the ‘money train’ and cant stop it long enough to jump off safely. Maybe you didn’t jump but were dumped, so what? This is still your perfect opportunity to begin anew.

Take this golden opportunity to recreate your life so that you can now live the life of your dreams. Some of the most successful businesses in the world began when the economy was in recession, just look at Microsoft and Apple. Embrace change and get started now creating the life of your dreams now!

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