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03 apr

5 Things You Need to Do When Starting a New Job

Kerrigan2So—you’ve gotten through all the interviews and you’ve landed a new job! Congratulations!

Now, you show up on your first day. Here are 5 things to do once you arrive:

#1. Touch base with your new boss. Hopefully, by now, you’ve had a conversation or two with your new boss about what is required of you, and you have a meeting scheduled for your first day. This is important not only for the obvious reasons, but also for the fact that things change fairly rapidly today. It’s important to touch base on a regular basis because the landscape can shift quite quickly, and you’ll need to adapt.

#2. Introduce yourself. Make it a point to meet as many co-workers as possible. I have spoken at colleges, and students always ask me “What’s one of the first things I should do?” This is it.

Reach out your hand, make eye contact, and say “Hi, I’m [insert your name], it’s a pleasure to meet you.” It’s that simple. There’s no better way to get to know your new team, and for them to get to know you.

#3. Ask what people do, and how you’ll be working together. First—it demonstrates interest. Second, it helps you get your bearings–the people and processes around you. Most of all, it builds your confidence because you are doing one the most important things you will ever need to do throughout your career: Ask questions.

#4. Listen—actively! People love to talk about themselves and their expertise—let them. In fact, encourage them. Listening actively means you’re focused the other person, and are validating what they are saying by making sure you understand them. Using phrases such as, “Let me see if I have this straight in my mind,” helps the process.

Often we’re so busy thinking about the next thing we’re going to say that we miss important information. By actively listening, you not only show respect, you learn. And, you begin to build important working relationships and knowledge that improve your confidence and performance.

And finally…

#5. Be sure you understand the main purpose of your company. It’s odd how often businesses and employees miss this, and yet, it’s so important because it impacts everything you do. You need to know the promises your company makes in order to understand your part in keeping them. It connects you to something higher than just “a job,” and gives your new position meaning. It all falls into place when you understand the goal.

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